Game already broken?


Woke up this morning to the news that my closest supply drop (about 100m away) had been moved over a kilometre. Then found out there’s a coin limit on drops now. Compound this with the issues events keep having (is it 24 hours? 12 hours? 24 again?). Seems to me Ludia is trying very hard to make people spend as much money as possible and destroy the fun of the game. Sure we can shoot dinosaurs. Good luck evolving them though. What’s the point? To think I paid VIP for this. I paid VIP because of a close by supply drop, extra coins on the supply drops, and range. The LEAST of these I cared about was range, and now that’s all I have. VIP useless now.


I woke up to the same thing. My closest supply drop is gone and the one near my office is moved to the far side of the office park! I can deal with going to the park to get special drops. But I work and go to school. I don’t have the time to go trooping around to get to the supply drops that are now no longer accessible easily. My neighborhood isn’t exactly one that you want to be walking around at night in. Especially not waving a smart phone around.

Less than thrilled and regretting spending any money on the game now! Guess I’ll stop playing this one faster than the other walk around games.


It surely can’t be that bad. I live in the middle of nowhere (literally 3 houses here and no pavements to walk on!) and have several supply drops near me that have moved around slightly. I travel through several villages and towns each day and their drops changed slightly yesterday but still still seem just as frequent. A few double ups moved but not much. If you joined a game just for the supply drops and coin limits I think you’ve missed the point of a dinosaur hunting game.

Ludia have changed the event back up to 24 hours (thankfully, the only time I’m near parks is in the morning which is just when my timezone missed out on the 12 hour event!) after feedback. Great they are actively listening. Patience and perseverance works better than kneejerk reactions.