Game balance and QoL questions from a new player

New player here, started three days ago. I have a couple of questions that maybe you can help with.

I downloaded this game to help me get out and get some exercise. But I find that more often than not I stand around and stare down into my phone. There are just so many Dinos out there that I get very little walking done. Should I be more discriminating regarding what I dart? Maybe only go for rare and epic or specifc dinos i will later need for hybrids? I hear that after a while coins is the limiting factor and you get them from hitting supply drops which means more walking. But what i read from guides is essentially “Dart anything that moves”

On the topic of darts, i seem to never run out. Will that be a problem later or is the dart counting just a legacy thing?

I am already sick of loading screens and the screen with spinning supply and event boxes. Is there some way disable stuff like that to get more time actually playing. Why does Ludia force us to tap on the supply and event boxes? Is there some reason you would not want to pick them up when you are within 30 meters and get the maximum benefit?

With POGO there was a bracelet you could wear that would capture pokemons as you walked. is there something similar for JWA?

A bunch of questions. Hoping for answers!

Hey there!

As a former PoGo player I found JWA not to be very good at encouraging you going out and walk, xD. However, there are ways to get around this. For me, walking while looking for green pokestops is what makes me move for longer. Yes, you should be discriminating what to dart. Focus on the green supply drops (weekly event). You may also go to parks, use scents (incense) and walk around catching specific park creatures. Unlike PoGo nests aren’t great in JWA to grind one type of creature, but there are 4 different zones (local 1-4) which spawn different creatures. You can check JWA GamePress website to find all about locals, park spawns, nests, etc (don’t mind nests for now, as I mentioned they don’t work as PoGo’s and they’re just single spawn spots).

There’s no workaround for the screens spam, unfortunately. It’s just horrible QoL design and lots of lag. It’s just a feature in JWA, sorry :sweat_smile:

P.S. Nope, no bracelet here.

Yes Dart anything that moves, except the creatures under the green supply towers. Those are limited in selection and opportunities, so those you will have to make harder decisions on. In most cases, choose the exclusive, that is needed for the building of a unique creature. Usually it is the best choice, but not always.
As for the supply boxes constantly spinning, that sometimes happens to me, when I have a bad internet connection or I have another application running in the background.
Welcome to the game. It is indeed great for walking around.

Hey, I also play PoGo! I think I like this game is better though. For darting, I usually pick 1-3 hybrids to work on and shoot at the dinos to create it/them.