Game behavior after daylight savings ended

So daylight savings ended this weekend (though many probably don’t care because their region doesn’t do DST).

Normally, the local time for strike towers and event dinos to disappear is 8am and then the new ones appear at 9am. With the end of DST, those actual times are now 7am and 8am respectively. The timers this morning showed the countdown having everything despawn at 7am. At 7am, they all vanished, but a few minutes later they reappeared with a new timer expiring at 8am. The event dinos didn’t reappear.

Does this mean strike towers will now run end at 8am and new ones appear at 9am, while event dinos will end at 7am and news ones appear at 8am? Out of sync…

I really liked having that last hour between 7am and 8am to catch a few of the expiring event dinos, after the dropping the kids at school and before having to be at work.

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I loved having that extra hour to finish up strike events on the way to work. I managed to catch the last battle of the epic strike event this morning with 25 seconds on the clock–ha! Now I’ll have to make sure I finish those up before the end of the day.

I was going to ask the exact same thing, for the exact same reasons. I leave for work at 8:30 and get there right at 9:00. It was nice having that time before work to pick up any remaining attempts I still had. I will probably not get up early just for that now.

Our clocks just went back an hour for winter so our new spawn times went from 15:00 gmt to 14:00 gmt. Didn’t really change things that much