Game breakdown from what I’ve learned passed down -right or wrong your option to spectate


So I started since before the beta ended roughly a week or two! At first I climbed very fast each stage every 500 point or whatever you’d like to call them (Achievements). Game was amazing I was hooked never added money until after the beta ended and went monthly and the benifits were noticeably better but could have been way better. The main reason was for the free 30$ epic incubator for joining but it didn’t continue every month which would. Have kept me as a monthly member for that reason! Is the membership worth it? In my opinion yes because of the fact I maxed out coin and Dino’s bucks daily I took a bus everyday to collect DNA even seen a bit of rares and epics which was sweet! The monthly membership is worth it if your making it out. There’s no different offers in having that monthly membership because I watched for that! You can find a detail on what benifits you get online or maybe someone on this thread can explain it better ! I just have no patience for detail :joy: lol !

Hands down this was starting to be better then Pokémon go until about 3 weeks ago I noticed a lot of people with super high coin counts and super rare Dino’s that take a lot of incubators to buy to get . So there has to be people generating coins and Dino’s bucks - so I researched it and found most were fake scams but there were some that actually work!!

Second there’s people who are computer geniuses programmers and hackers that hack and bot the game to sell accounts this is easy to find through google.
Also not to mention 2 people posted pictures forgetting there joystick was on screen lol so they were spoofers !! I reported it I dislike spoofers and in this game it really effects other players that pay legit !!

Next the Ludia generated bots a majority of the time we’re un stoppable because of the high unrealistic level Dino’s starting between level 25 to level 30 !! I mean common right?! Any level 30 dino has 4000+ health alone and attacks are well over 1200-2000 per hit!! That’s nuts!! So Ludia needs to fix these bots so they aren’t always to be beat but not easy either . They basically need to match people and bots up properly. They can help this by making new maps every 300-500 achievements . That will divide players so your not a level 9 player fighting a level 12 . I believe that level 9’s should be battling level 9’s ect .

This above has turned me sour towards the game and including this forum with the filters !! A major issues still not fixed ! 80% get filtered ! This one will because it’s long …no doubt… I wrote this at 12:00 noon on Sunday July 2 mountain time let’s see how long it takes to clear? It was pretty fast last time I posted .

Also this game isn’t terrible it just really needs improvements and price checks on incubators if Ludia doesn’t do these soon they could lose a lot of players !!
They make a lot of money off advertising and other things not including monthly memberships and people who will pay for these incubators!

I’m here to support and help out new people to game and this forum! Also I stay because of the people in this forum most are really great and take the time to be respectful and help out by answering questions! Thanks everyone ! You know who you are!!

The regulars on here I know and know who I am and I like that!

Please Ludia make changes where it matters and counts. Care about our pockets not just your own.

Also we have to understand that 30% of the money Ludia makes of us goes into apples pocket if your running iOS that’s pretty crazy !

Anyways thanks for reading and if anyone has any questions on the gameplay I probably can help ornpoint you to someone I think would know.

By the way the counts were pretty accurate for the guys who were monitoring the incubators that we receive for battles I’ve been tracking and they were right but for some reason sometime I’ll get two or more in a row and I don’t know why but for the most part every 4-5 I believe it was for 8’s

The one! The only!!
DinoLord :laughing: :joy: :rofl:


I had a lot more to say explaining the gameplay this was a lot to begin with lol but if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask or reply thanks