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Game breaking bug found!

Mods, please do something. Everyone has been given thousands of dodo scents.


Every time you start a dodo scent you are given a trex. If you cycle this between other scents you can get tons and tons of trex. By restarting the dodo scent between other scents.

I have seen tons of people on discord get thousands of trex. Please fix this.

Btw this is happening on iOS I think.


Android here…
Screenshot_20210323-101604_JW Alive

I cant wait to spend the next 4 1/2 years running dodo scents


Just a question. Is the game laggy for anyone else?

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mine actually seems to be doing better than it did before, but still a bit laggy at times

Oh because for me, my map takes forever to load, and the chat is laggier than ever. I’ll just try restarting my iPad then

The team is aware and is looking into it!


Can’t you just let us enjoy it for a day or 2. It’s not anything unfair or game breaking because everyone gets them… For once a good bug. Obviously all 10k+ is impossible but y’know let us play around with it for a bit


But that could cause even more arena imbalance. Imagine someone in Mt. Sibo with a level 20 trex wrecking havoc all over the place

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It’s a buff to everyone. So arenas in general will just inflate. But it won’t be unfair. The only way it would be unfair is if they shut it down now, when just some people have gotten that much T-rex and others haven’t even gotten the update yet


Lol just raid trex then;) And we don’t want to see trexes everywhere or overly annoying indominus rexes or trykos. The aviary is a mess already, dont make it a bigger mess

You can only do that once a week, and most likely only get less than 1 darting attempt’s worth

Then hurry and use some scents before they get removed


How are they getting “thousands of trex”

You can’t cancel the scent and restart it. So they’d have to use the whole scent or start another scent. So worst case they’ve gotten like 5-6 trex.

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No you can override the current scent by using a different scent, and then using the dodo scent again

Yes but you’d have to have 1000s of other scents to do that in order to get “thousands of trex”


I agree something should be done. I think we should get apex DNA as compensation.


Also I like how the original poster literally is running one of these scents.

I get that it is frustrating when something seems wrong and broken, but literally every player has access to this. So is it really putting anyone at a disadvantage?


Buying the scents from the market 50 bucks for 5

Obviously a joke right? Obviously… don’t give ludia any ideas here handing out 1k apex dna