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Game breaking bug found!

Maybe it’s hitting the next April fools event? :eyes:

Not really, if you dart 100+ then you wouldn’t need 1000’s of other sacents to get 1000s of trex dna. Granted you’d still need a lot to make it worth while, I don’t see the point though.

How do you even get that scent?

it was just in the little back pack icon with other scents for me, not in the mail or anything or bought, just there once I updated

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Imagine creating a legitimate bug report for the mods, then getting personally attacked about an issue unrelated to the thread.

Some of you people are unbelievable.


Personally attacked? Also a bit dramatic. Stating a fact is more like it.


:mag: :eyes:

Then state your facts in a thread related to that fact. No need to bring up anything that isn’t related to the bug report. Now please quit talking about it before the mods close this thread.

What does it matter if it gets closed? It’s been confirmed they are aware of the reported issue and are looking in to it. That’s all that needs to come out of the report.

Ok yeah, it’s literally impossible to farm “thousands” of Rex DNA with this bug even with cycling through, like, all the scents.

Can’t find where to post this… Was this meant to be given?

Hey Robert_Aronson, our team is currently looking into this.

Good to know, guessing that doesn’t mean…use them quickly lol

a friend on discord started at 600 rex and is now at 5K in a few short minutes. i got pics for proof if you want.

How is that even possible?


tho even i hoard a ton of scents.

So they basically emptied every scent in their pack for this bug? I really don’t see how that’s plausible without literally dumping your collection.


this is not a game breaking bug if anything this is amazing. its hilarious people are complaining about this.


I assume through a lot of changing scents. I average about 150 TRex DNA per attempt and have 55 scents I can change over the Dodo scent.

Starting with the dodo scent, I’d be able to active 56 Dodo scents before I’d no longer be able to change it.

56 attempts X 150 DNA average = 8,400 TRex DNA.

I’m on iOS and and just darted a T-Rex and my game closed lol