Game broken so just dont play it

The amount of problems I have encountered with this game is shocking, the fact you have only done minor fixes is even more shocking. Almost every part of this game is fixed just so you can(try to) earn more money. The forums are also littered with the same problems and these people reported them literally YEARS ago. By the way WHY are the first posts I see from years ago?! If Facebook did that it would have died a long time ago. MOST RECENT FIRST! Not hard to understand.
This post is really to anyone playing this game, just stop because they’re not going to fix it. You will always get ripped off from gauntlet spins, the order of dragon attacking will always change so the AI wins and items you collect won’t count half the time towards collections. It’s all fixed so you have to spend money JUST to make the game enjoyable

I have never paid and I’ve been playing it since the beginning, and enjoyed it. It’s true that many features are not that interesting since, as you say, it’s pretty obvious they are designed in order to frustrate the players so we spend money (temporary collections, mainly), but the new Gobber’s duties are such a pretty fresh and enjoyable addition, I feel more “adicted” than ever. The matter that bothers me more is when I need a small speed up and there are no videos available, even after a long day without watching any…


I’ve been playing for a few years, and only once in a while I pay for a pack or dragon that is on sale. It’s fair to say that the game is overly commercialized, and has some bugs that should be fixed, but I thoroughly enjoy playing the game and discussing strategies with friends both on and off the forums. In fact, recruiting and training the best flock of dragons has become a rather enjoyable hobby. To be honest, the thing I am most concerned about is that a lot of my best resource producers are maxed out at level 150, and I’m not really looking for more levels to be created. So unless the game continues to evolve, there will come a point at which further progress is prevented. So I’ve used the forums to ask the developers if they can create a feature that would enable us to breed dragons. That could enhance nearly every aspect of the game, and enable players to keep creating new dragons to enhance and expend their flocks. I hope they do something like that so that long time players can continue to enjoy the game for years to come.

I’ve been thinking about that idea of breeding and it sounds cool, but a pain in the ass for the developers. What should they do? Design every breeding result two different species? Or only allow breeding the same type so it gives another dragon of the same type (but not species)? Maybe the solution could be to make “Exploration teams” where you choose a couple of dragons and they go searching eggs the same way Toothless does, but they only can find dragons of their type, as if they knew where they could be found because of their species egg laying habits

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I have played a few games with a similar structure and I am now fed up of games that are sided towards the AI and bugs never getting fixed. I totally agree about the videos, but the brawls and gauntlets frustrate me more as the gauntlets are designed to be PTW. I have now deleted the game and couldn’t care less what they do with it, I will play proper games that are actually fun to play and can be played for more than 30mins at a time

I’ve though about that and came up with an idea that I don’t think would be too difficult to implement. Though I’m saying that without ever having seen the source code. Essentially the idea is to use the characteristics and look of the parents like digital DNA. Select characteristics, like max fish production, randomly from one of the parents, and add in a random plus or minus X percent (to account for mutation). Then select the look (body) of one dragon, and use the coloring of the other dragon. It’s not a perfect solution, but it avoids a nightmare scenario of having to program a dragon for each permutation, which would basically be an endless exercise. If they added in the ability to trade dragons with other players on top of that, wow that would be awesome.

I am full f2p myself and after getting the guaranteed hit statue I encountered very few problems with gauntlets or arena. Yes seldom the ai spins the order of attack around but oh well in arena it counts for nothing and since the “win arena without losing a dragon” - duty is gone I couldn’t care less.
Most of the time you get resources from the wheel but sometimes it’s a pack and I count that as a happy surprise, might just be me but for a fremium game this one is far better in its monetization scheme then many others.