Game Bug - Aquatic Zombies

It does look like the countdown bug that so many of us were complaining about since the initial mod update has been addressed with this last update, so many thanks for that!

There is though another bug that first showed up with that same release that appears to still be there, specifically in aquatic PvP matches. I like to call it the “aquatic zombie” bug… since basically it allows you to continue to fight with a dead fish (albeit not successfully). Another player noted that it occurs when the AI attacks with 7 or 8 points, and I believe it only happens when the AI kills off your 2nd fish. What happens is that the game doesn’t swap it out for your remaining live aquatic as it is supposed to, but if you don’t notice and try to attack, you aren’t able to actually do any damage. The annoying thing is that you have to use a point to manually swap in the remaining live aquatic - that one point sometimes being the difference between a win and a loss. So please have the developers look into this and patch it up.

What’s worse is if you don’t catch it and waste points attacking or defending. On the other hand, you can build up reserve

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Yeah I’ve definitely lost matches by not noticing it, so I try to remember to watch out for it. Luckily the way I play it’s fairly rare for the AI to get that many reserve points on the second spot to reach a 7-point attack. I’ve not tried to build up reserve with it still in place, that actually works?

Yep. When I’m not being stupid like I was in a couple of battles today

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Hey Mary_Jo, could you send your support key over to our team at, so our team can gather more information? Thanks!

Sigh, I’m not wasting my time going through that again, only to be told to reinstall the game, etc. for something that clearly from the description I’ve posted is a game bug (and verified by other players as well).

@Ned - just to provide more information on this so you can pass it to the developers. The bug DOES happen with either the first and second dinos, just had it happen today when I got a 7-point hit on my first one, and had to manually swap the dead one out. Again, this bug started happening the same time Mods were released with the additional changes to the PvP modules. It’s very reproducible as it always happens when the AI kills your fish with a 7 or 8 point hit in an aquatic PvP (as a developer myself, I know that being able to reproduce a bug is the magic sauce when it comes to being able to FIX it).


Thanks for the information, @Mary_Jo. I’ve notified our team.

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