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Game chucked everyone out

Not loading up now for everyone


Nope. Was mid raid too! Not happy

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Yes same, nobody can’t log in to game

@Ned major outage

Not like Ludia to have this happen just before an update…! :thinking::joy:


Was running scent, suddenly froze and after restart can’t get back in, neither with facebook or google login.

It’s cross platform as was mid raid on both OS

so that’s it. Bye bye JWA

Huh, offline…

Ludia why!!?!??! @Ned any news about this?

Hey everyone, I’ve informed our team! :mag:


@Ned what’s going on can’t get in game



Somebody trip over the server wires?

It’s back. For now.

What is happening ludia!?!?

This crap been a horrible experience since just before Valentines day. Canceled everyone out a raid and a few with open scents.

Just like the accidental update release, someone just flipped the off switch on JWA

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Somebody needs to put the hamster back on the wheel that power things up.

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Someone just got fired…

The new water cooler just got installed in Ludia’s office and they didn’t know where to plug it in.

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