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Game connection error

Lucia needs to start giving us back the mods we lose to the stupid game connection error if they are going to charge so many recourses for them. I mean it’s ridiculous that I forfeit most of my wins to the game connection error along with strong Dino’s and the mods I lose in the process. Fix it ludia.


Hey Tuckerw8, could you try some of the troubleshooting steps from our FAQ here and see if it helps:

If you’re still having connection issues after trying those steps, please contact our support team here at with your support key.

@Ned - this is a game bug many of us have tried reporting since the Mods update came out. It isn’t going to be fixed by anything WE do. It occurs in PvP-style matches when the AI runs out of time thinking, rather than conceding the match, it throws you out of the game with a connection error message. It was really bad right after the update (I’d sometimes hit it multiple games in a row), it seems to be happening less now, but still occurs on a pretty regular basis if you are doing a lot of matches such as during a tournament.

I’ll let our team know, @Mary_Jo. In the meantime, it’d help our team gather more information if you could email them at the email address provided above, if you have not already. Thanks!

Should all of us who have experienced this submit a ticket, @Ned?