Game connection issues

Anyone else been having problems with the game?

  1. Your connection is good but it just gets disconnected
  2. Your phone turns off for inactivity and you hit it hack the moment it does and it takes like a solid minute or two just to get out of connection issue screen or you have to exit the app and load back up
  3. When you load up the game it can just stay at 1 out of 23 and you have to exit and load the game.
  4. When in battles and your phone turns off for inactivity, it completely bugs out and lags where you have to exit the game.
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Hey XxBlueN1njaXx, I’m sorry to hear that you’re still having these issues in the game since the last update. However, our team is still working towards improving the stability of the game for our players, and we hope that these sort of problems gets reduced in future updates. In the meantime, with the risk of it sounding repetitive, we would still recommend players trying some of the troubleshooting listed on threads like this one here for connection issues as they could be helpful at times: Lost a battle I was winning

I heard there was an app update last week for android and that one should becoming “early this week” for iOS. Is this true?

That’s right @Hersh! In fact, update 1.4.23 should be available for download now. However, you might have to go into your app store to manually update the game.

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Awesome! Thank you

Since this update, my freezes/glitches have become noticeably less frequent! It was extremely frustrating before but thank you and the team for addressing this! The gameplay and loading is much better now

I just updated mine like 5 minutes ago. I’m actually very hopeful this will help with the constant stability issues I’ve had. Thank you @Ned and others for listening to us.

I cant find the update lol, must have already updated, but I’m having more issues now then before the update

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I still have all the problems that are discussed in the original message and some more. On a normal day I must reset the app between 15 and 20 times (there are days that much longer) which is sometimes a bit exasperating.

There is a recurring error that is network change. I try to explain myself. If I am at home my cell phone connects to the Wifi but in certain parts of the house the phone loses wifi and connects to 3G. It is assumed that this change occurs in milliseconds but it is enough for the game to lose the connection. That also happens to me at work or even walking down the street if I pass near a place where I have access to their Wi-Fi. The solution in this case is to disconnect the Wifi access and go only by 3G but that would be an excessive expense.

The second recurring problem is traveling by train. A small tunnel of 200 meters is enough to lose the connection and the possibility that it recovers is only small and slow. slower to close the app and reopen it than trying to recover alone. Here I have learned the trick, when I see that a tunnel arrives I leave the game and go to whatsapp (or another app) and return to the exit of the tunnel.

To be fair, after the last updates this problem occurs a little less, but it is still the biggest problem in the game.

The situations you guys are describing are exactly what happened to me. Freezes at least 15 times a day… times when the app wouldn’t even complete loading, or the map wouldn’t reveal any dinosaurs or towers. Lost a ton of matches and trophies cuz of this, not to mention the frustration.

I just searched Jurassic world alive in the Apple app store and it showed there was a update available yesterday. I did have to do this manually. There wasn’t one of those alerts in the game saying I had to update. So far, things have been better. I’m now running V 1.4.23

Have same issue but happened in battle

Already lose 40 battles out of it.

“maybe Wifi Switching cause it”, oh my God.

Still happening lol

android or iphone?

try clearing your hyperbole cache…it may not solve the problem, but i think it will lead to greater accuracy in troubleshooting.


Already stop playing the game, it already wasted so much my time.