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Game continually crashes both in and outside arenas, invisible dinos and move sets. Game won’t stay open

Hi there. Suddenly the game just crashes and shuts down. Usually during a battle, and when I reload I come back to invisible dinosaurs in the arenas, as well as non-existent move sets, even after shutting down and reloading the game multiple times.

Today the game just crashed while I was looking at the map. No reason, just crashed.

And now the game will only stay open for a few minutes and then crashes - especially if I do any activity like darting.

Hopefully this will get fixed? Otherwise the game is completely not playable because it won’t stay open. I’m really really bummed about this :sob:

I’m sorry that is happening, CJ_Anderson. If you haven’t already, could you send your device information and support key to our support team here at so our team can investigate?