Game crash and not update profile!

Possible that after days and days and 4 reports to support the game, there is still no answer? The game crashes and loses all the updates, steals experience money and dinosaurs.
Do not tell me it’s a local problem of my tablet because between Facebook and this forum there are dozens of identical reports.
Do you wait for the players to leave the game to solve the problem? scandalous.


Im having the same issues, have to do everything 3 times for it to register and the game crashes constantly. Im using a galaxy s8+ so RAM isnt the issue. Ive midsed full packs and finished challenges to this please fix

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Hey HHRiK, if you had already contacted our support team, I’m sorry if they haven’t got back to you yet, but they’re receiving a lot more tickets than usual, and they will try their best to get back to you soon. However, avoid sending in additional emails before they get a chance to reply because it could reset your position in their queue.

If the support is receiving much more than “usual” reports, this means that there is a problem on your part and I repeat that the problem arose after the last update of the game.
After 7 days it is not possible not to receive any answer but above all the compensation for the damage where is it?
I lost dinosaurs, experience, bonuses, money, all because of your problem.
I’m stuck at level 20 because you stole my experience and the game is advanced and I have only unlocked missions with level 21 profile.
How do I keep playing?

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@HHRiK, I agree with much of what your outrage is about. Some report several weeks to get a response. If the possible contributors to this delay matter then, 1) JWA was released globally, 2) Several updates have been applied to JWA, 3) Major updates have been applied to JWTG, which is where your concerns are. If the necessary support teams have not been put in place then these kind of delays are nearly inevitable and will only be resolved when things slow down or teams are sized appropriately.

Imagine that normal is 10 gallons of liquid through a straw and now they are trying to put 100+ gallons through the same straw. Substitute liters if you like. It takes longer until the path is sized appropriately.

Hope that helps.

The Support has finally responded, they say that the problem is being analyzed is that, likely, within 2 weeks they could find the solution with fix.
They also say they bring patience.
We bring patience, without patience only solution is to uninstall the game and goodbye, but the compensation of all that has been lost from the beginning to the end of the problem, why nobody talks about compensation in the game?

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I WANT TO BACK MY EXPERIENCE, i am blocked in the game to cause you want it to understand ???

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I received compensation, but really ridiculous!
If the bug has stolen experience and I am stuck in the game because the missions are too far ahead of my profile \ level, needless compensation with dino bucks, fair compensation must be experience to get back to the right level, otherwise game always stuck remains.

For this problem as others reported, the game support replied that because of their bug my account is now corrupt and if I want to play without problems I must start over with a new account.
The bug is cause them but corrupts is mine player profile.

ridiculous scandalous and unforgivable.

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Diddo!! There had better be some kind of reimbursement or damn good prizes to all of us that have wasted our time,money,etc… cant do ANYTHING without getting booted off!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

now i get an error unable to save the profile after a recent update… uninstalled and reinstalled, same issue… idk what the problem is