Game crash, lost card pack

Hi guys, my game crashed as I was picking up my card pack from the rider gifts in mail. I appear to have lost the card pack…any chance suooort can resend?

Hey there, @Captorian, can you send our support team an email at so that they can assist you? Be sure to include your support key in the email so that they can locate you faster in their system!

Hey there Captorian, our team is aware of the issue and have sent the card pack to all Dragon Riders. Everything should be in order now! Thank you for reaching out to us!

Thanks, I got the classic pack in the mail.

I’m still having problems with the game thinking I’m not a rider. It’s intermittent but of course always happens at the worst time. Any ideas?

Same here. It seems to clear up if you restart the game, but it’s super-annoying, and has only started happening recently.

So far I don’t think it has happened to me with my mystery card pack, but I’ve lost a fourth bag from Toothless twice, and been prompted to become a rider twice when trying to collect daily runes.

Hey there Captorian and robocat3, our devs are still investigating the issues that our Dragon Riders are experiencing with their subscriptions. If you have not already, do write in to our support team so we can have more information to solve this problem. Just avoid sending multiple tickets as it may prolong the time it takes to receive a response. Thank you both for your patience on this matter!