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Game crash with treasure pack

I just found an interesting case in which the game freezes up completely.
I got all my collections completed but not turned in except for the one to get Purple Death.
There were only 5 items missing for completion (5 times that axe thingy that dragons bewilder beast has to find) and the treasure pack from the market contains 5 treasures (so I thought wuhu collection done).
Turns out that the game locks up completely and never gives you that treasure pack at all.

Hello, Grond86. Could you please reach out to our support team at so they can take a closer look at this? Providing them your support key and other relevant information would help with the investigation. Thank you.

I am wondering if this bug with the collectible pack is fixed now.

And is it possible to make the pack purchasable when only less than 5 collectibles are needed? I can accept it if it offers me less than 5 collectibles, just give me as many as I need. Or it can give me more of the collectible than I need. That’s also acceptable because it’s very likely that I will need that collectible in another collection in the future.

Same bug here. I needed 8 more of the iron snake to complete drago’s bewilderbeast collection and I bought the pack and the game crashed. I have used the in-game support to report the bug.