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Game crashed mid-battle


Is there any recourse for losing my loot if the game crashes or freezes mid-battle? It did it to me on a regular level a while back and I lost 7 bolts, and it just did it again on an egg quest for 5 bolts. Every bolt is precious right now so I hate that they were wasted!


Is it a crash where the screen is slightly dark? If you turn on auto for a few seconds it will unfreeze in 10 seconds or so and you can then turn auto off


The first time it just froze with the wild dragons still moving but I couldn’t move any tiles. It does that often but comes back to life after a few seconds usually. I gave it a couple minutes then had to just closed it out. Second time the game just closed out completely on its own right in the middle of a battle.


Definitely contact support, they may give you energy back if they confirm. Also, of it doesn’t close the game, try hitting auto button to revive it. This is a known issue since before last two updates so hopefully they are working on it

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Hey there, @Mama_Fury, I’m sorry to hear that you might have missed out on some loot - and also possibly wasted some energy in the process! Our support team would be glad to take a closer look at your account, so reach out to them at, including your support key in the email so that they can find you in their system faster.


Thank you John! I did email them but didn’t know about the key until after. I replied with the key, so hopefully they’ll get it?

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Awesome, we really appreciate that! If you replied in the same email thread, then our agents will get it. Thanks again! :smile:


Great! Thank you so much!