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Game crashed?

Wasn’t able to start the game. Not sure if it’s just me, because I don’t see any updates on downtime.

I’m having problems too.

it does that n crashes.

So just tried out something and it was back online. I deleted the game from my iPad and downloaded again which solved the issue. Be warned, make sure you have the key or you’re logged in to game centre to avoid possible loss of game data.

on apple you can also just offload gthe app. it fixes when the game gets stuck on loading too. go to settings>iphone storage> scroll down until you find JWA> select it then hit offload game data. then select the reload button. it saves your game data and just reinstalls the app

Hi, @Minnow. Our FAQ here has a list of steps that you can follow. If your game still keeps crashing, our support team would be glad to provide additional troubleshooting. Don’t hesitate to contact them at and when you do, kindly include your device information as well as your support key. Thank you.