Game crashes after the One Time Offer screen shows up


My game crashes instantly every time I level up and the one time offer pops up. Happened 6 times already, I never even got to see what they contain lmao. Please fix this asap.

I’m playing the game on Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 running Android 7.0 if that’s relevant.


It’s happened to me to but they don’t do anything for it. They should re offer it but honestly they don’t take any action in this forum for anything that I know of! Best of luck . Btw don’t buy the over priced incubators !

Use coins for leveling up and the one time offers when they don’t disappear lol
Share your frustration happened to me twice lost offers



It’s frustrating since I heard the offers are actually pretty good (especially when compared to the horribly overpriced incubators like you said). I feel cheated out :confused:


Yea the offers are the best way to buy! Always have coin ready to purchase when leveling up and map changes


I’ve got the same app crushing when I try to switch to the first menu icon to collect free container.