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Game crashes and stopped functioning

Why does my game alway crash each time i move a building,open up card packs?,and the more i play this game the worse this problem gets,right now the game has stopped functioning completely,each time i opened the game it’s just a black screen and after a few second,a blank text box show up

Please fix this

Close all apps in background

I double checked there isn’t any app running in the background

Contact support

Managed to get the game working again by closing and reopening ut

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This imagery shows up in a situation when there is no stable internet source nearby. At least for my device. Try to check your wifi quality through other devices as watching online videos or so. If they won’t work properly, then you can blame the net quality. Game does depend on a hard rock solid network as a necessity. Both by the means of speed (mbps) and continuity.

nope the problem just get’s worse now the ga,e crash each time i won battles,open card packs,and solving code 19s,i lost soo many bucks becauae of the game crashimg eavh time there is a code 19