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Game crashes on startup

Is anyone else having trouble starting the game today? I get the Ludia screen for a fraction of a second and then it closes.

I’d submit a ticket, but I can’t see my support key…

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Same here, and with my guildies too :-/


Yes, I am having this same problem and I tried starting the app on multiple devices and reinstalling it too. It crashes in just a few seconds after the logo is displayed. Something happened in the last 12 hours.

Same here. On IOS.

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It looks like it’s only iOS

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I have the same problem - unable to even start the app. I see the opening screen and then it crashes.

Tried re-installing, re-started my phone but it didn’t work. Am using iOS too.

same here, IOS too :rage:

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Yup. Me too. I looked it up and apperently FB is causing several iOS apps to crash.

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App crashes on startup, unable to see support key.

I can open the app again! Thanks for the quick response!

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Still have issue whit the game. Now I’m able to open the app but i have a mesaage “unable to find the server” code error 222

Edit: now I’m able to log but I lost all my progress

Same here. I tried to unistall/reinstall but still same issue.

Well actually good now. Thank you!

The game now starts on my iOS, but I’ve also lost all my progress. It’s now showing a different key. Any way to restore my old game?

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Hey Denis_Richard, was your previous game linked to your Facebook or Google Play account? If so, please try reconnecting to them in the in-game Settings menu.

If you need help, please email our support team here at, with your support key if you have it available.


Hi Ned. No, my game wasn’t previously linked to any other app. And I can’t see my previous key any longer.

That’s alright, Denis_Richard.

Once our team receives your email, they’ll be sure to try their best to assist you with the information that they have. :slight_smile: