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Game crashes to load screen at launch

Same Issues in IOS Iphone 8.
Cannot Open game Crashes immediatly when pressing button.Tried Uninstalling and reinstalling same issue.

Same here IOS user too so frustrating

Same here, using iPad 2

Crashes for us too. Using iPad and iPhone

Also have this problem. This morning, like 2 hours ago, it still worked fine. COD game crashes as well. There is a problem with al the games that are linked with Facebook.

I don’t have a Facebook account.

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And it crashes as well?

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Same here, uses iPhone xs…

Same here. iPhone X - and I deleted and reinstalled. I have been playing since day 1, I hope I didn’t lose my data!

You won’t lose your progress by deleting and reinstalling. It’s saved in Game Center or within the JWA servers or something. I’ve reinstalled numerous times.

Yeah, no Facebook account at all and it still has this issue.

Same here for iPad. Android was OK.

This is an issue only with JWA because My Jurassic World game works perfectly

As long as you had the game connected to a Facebook account you should have all your progress


Quite a few first time posters here.

After looking at The Independent article up there, this is a FaceBook SDK issue affecting tons of apps. The only thing you all can do is wait for FaceBook to fix the issue. This isn’t something the Ludia Devs can fix.

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For about 10 minutes I’ve been trying to log into JWA, but the game crashes before I even get to the loading screen

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There’s multiple threads about this already. I’m having this issue too.

Same thing here

Hi can anyone help me with the above topic. First trouble I have had with the app not loading. My phone is iOS. I click on the Jurassic app and it just comes back out of the game. Is anyone else having problems and if so have you fixed it. Let me know please and thanks.