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Game crashes when i try to dart anything

Iphone 6 also

Hey look, a sweet epic, I’ll go and get that! Going to dart … nope… nope… nope.

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i know it sucks big time and yet ludias supposed to be fixing it…

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I have an iPhone 6+ and have the same issue + my game is a lot slower and crashes on almost everything was fine in 1.6

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16 days after your post or even have to contact their support they still have nothing to change, specifying that with the version 1.6 we had no problem, he does not care at all



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Same! I’m getting so frustrated because every time I load the game it crashes within seconds! Doesn’t matter what I’m doing. I’m the leader of an alliance and feel useless as I can’t help anyone as the game doesn’t stay loaded long enough. My husbands game does the same! Sort it out! Please! Before I delete it!


Guys the app consistently crashes when entering dart mode! This has been happening for over a month now!!! We have been complaining for over a month now and still…it’s like you don’t want to fix it!!! Or even slightly improve the problem! Why??? You have turned a great game into a very very frustrating experience!!! You have no time frame! Yes we got it! But we also would like to see some improvement in return!!! I have bought many incubators from your shop, I had vip package in the past and I have made a very competitive squad because I thought you wouldn’t make the game such an awful experience!!! It’s a shock to me that I have sent you so many messages!!! Check them out (-edited-) and still nothing has been done to solve the problem!!! We have a HUGE problem in reliability and it’s definitely not from our part!!! I am sorry if I insulted any group member here. It’s just I feel extremely frustrated!!! I have an iPad 3 mini.

Now you see what I am talking about? Your game always crashes when entering dart mode!!! As a result I save darts!

I used to subscribe and pay for VIP then I stopped, was going to start again after 1.8 but I can’t do anything without it crashing on an ipad 4. Everything disabled in background, all notifications off, 5gb spare. Looks like the game has left everyone behind that hasn`t got a £500+ device behind :frowning:

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