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Game crashing alot

Everything I launching game since after 9pm pst game keeps crashing unable to participate in alpha battles or quests or arena battles. Im losing out on everything…

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Hey there, @lit4ev, I’m sorry to hear that your game is crashing whenever you try and take part in a battle! Our support team would be glad to help you troubleshoot this, so send them an email at If you include your support key in the email you’d really be helping us out!

It’s not crashing at battles its crashing at starting up of the app itself…

Sorry for the misunderstanding! Please mention this to our team if and when you contact them, as this could help them determine the cause of the crashes. :pray:

Mine started crashing this morning after an arena battle. I already sent an email myself. So frustrating.

My clan is complaining again of crashing after the latest update again. I have had them all make sure their devices are updated, and it isn’t helping to restart their devices like it used to. I have 8 players of 22 complaining so far that they can’t get into the alpha battles, and they can’t collect keys. For many of us, the game just closes altogether instead of starting a level or alpha. Something went wrong with the last update. Please look into it.

We have only 1 player complaining about crashing app, and he does not want to admit that it is because of his super trooper mobile phone