Game crashing and lagging all the time

i use a samsung m11 4gb 64gb varient, every game runs smoothly on it except JWTG. everytime i open the game it lags like hell and crashes after 1min of playing. when i do battles it crashes, when i collect coin it crashes, when i feed dinos it crashes. how to fix dis problem?

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Hey there Valsa_Sajish. If restarting your device doesn’t make a difference, please email our team at with your device information so they can investigate.

Thank you!

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ok mod

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Like 15 minutes ago, I started to get kicked out the game every 20 seconds (in stead of the obligatory one time right after logging in). Is there anybody else experiencing the same?

Hi there Elin_Ronne. If you’re still experiencing issues after restarting your device or connection, you can email our support team at so they can look into it!