Game crashing when connecting to Facebook

Since Friday LAST week my game refuses to go past the load screen.
I can open the game fine with no issue if I don’t connect it to Facebook, but that means all my progress is lost. Once I connect to Facebook it crashes again.
I have uninstalled and rebooted my phone and followed everything the staff told me when I emailed them about it.
I don’t want to start over, I’ve been playing for over two years and I’m on the highest level with VIP.
Is there anything I can do? I’m on an IPhone if that matters.

Hello @Emilia_Hjelte, do you have another device you can try connecting to? Another person on the forum was able to connect via a different device and somehow that cleared their glitch, worth a try if it works.

I tried connecting to the game using my moms iPhone. But it crashed as well as soon as I connected to Facebook.
Should I try connecting with a device that isn’t an iPhone? Or doesn’t that matter? Thanks for answering!

One of the other forum folks said it had to do with their FB settings being set to being for someone young like their kid. Not sure if that’s something to look into or not. Sounds like it has to do with your FB account if it crashes even on a different device. It sounds like you already contacted support with your support key, if not make sure you do so. I hope they can help you further.

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Here is a link to the post I was referring to:

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Yes thank you.
I’m not under 20 tho haha and I tried both iPhone and android devices but it doesn’t help.