Game data wiped after app upgrade

My iPad auto updated the app, then new screen came up asking for age, term acceptance, and facebook/visitor login. I was on visitor, and tried to login with visitor, error code, and when eventually logged in, the data is wiped. Everything went back to new game state.

I tried signing into facebook, also new game. Clean wiped to new game.

I lost thousands of green bucks 65 dragons with at least several 4 star dragons almost fully trained.

Does this mean I can no longer get any of them back? I did not uninstall.

Hey elseane, I’m sorry to hear that. “Visitor” accounts are at risk of losing the saved data from device crashes, updates, or deleting the application, which is why we recommend linking your game account to Facebook.

If you reach out to our support team here at, our team would be happy to try and assist you in finding your game.