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Game desynced, wants to train me from scratch

Hello everyone. I was just trying to log in after my chat got disconnected, to continue chatting with my clanmates. What happened was the game asked me my age group again, to accept the terms of use again, then logged into a game I don’t recognize. A battle with 3 dragons was on and Hiccup wanted to get me started. I closed the window, logged in. Since the game didn’t ask me to connect my Gmail accounts, I came to see the same thing again. Now I wonder what should I do, and whether I’ve lost everything. Please help.

You could try to go to settings and then connect your account to either facebook or google play. (If an account is already linked to the google play account you want to connect to it will then ask you if you want to switch accounts)

It was connected to my Gmail. Don’t know what’s happened all of a sudden.

I never once logged in as visitor.

can you check in settings if it is connected to google play account (the button to connect will then be red with the word “disconnect” on it)

How, all it wants to do is train me all over again! I can’t even “skip”.

then play for a bit until you are allowed to play freely

Can a mod post the support mail?

@Featherwing please remember to include your support key when you email support and I am sorry you are having trouble accessing the game.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game, and it worked. Still makes me accept the rules again and again, happens with every update, but otherwise it’s fine. I’m back in game and my clan hasn’t fallen to ruin yet. I’ll survive.

My clanmate @AlphaAva would like to know how to connect her game account to her Gmail so she won’t lose her data if the same glitch occurs to her.

(I’ll still mail the support about this, of course, just wanted an immediate fix regarding the matter.)

@AlphaAva To connect your game to google play or facebook account do the following:

  1. Tap on the lvl Icon (Gear symbol): This brings you to your account info
  2. There is also a Tab called settings, tap on it
  3. In settings you’ll find several options one of which is called connection with 2 buttons (1 for facebook and 1 for Google play)
  4. If you are not connected to either google play or facebook both of the buttons will be blue and have the words “connect” on them. Tap on which one you want your account to be connected to (in your case this will be the one with the console on it)
  5. Fill in the details of your Gmail account and after that your game’s progress will be linked to your google play account (and the google play connect button will become red with the words “disconnect on them”)

Thank you @Zhyan

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