Game didn’t accept any of my choices


Okay, I’m completely unstoppable right now! I just fought that guy using cheat, as you can see on the following pictures, I select an attack but at the end of the counter, the first attack is selected!
Get Ban that guy :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


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Game didn't accept any of my choices!
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If the previous post is hidden, I want a refound of all money I spend in this Game!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


It’s a glitch, happened to me a bunch of times.


Happened to me once. It seems to be network issue, my action wasn’t registered.


What a game! I played 4 games before that one and it just happens to this battle! I’m completely out of me, and cancelled my VIP acces!


yeah it could just be a glitch in the connection and since it didn’t receive your input just used your basic attack to strike with. just like if you let the timer run all the way down.


Man you’d think if someone knew how to hack a game like that they’d have better than level 20 dinos.


Just removed the game tag, thanks for the information! :disappointed_relieved:


Everything is possible for an easy win @Tpock44


Haha if you can hack the game, the level don’t matter. Anyway Ludia will still let you play in that case


I have had this happen multiple times today in battle. Initially I thought it was network problem and tried switching from wifi to mobile data. Then saw a thread on this forum mentioning many people are having similar issues. Maybe their servers are getting overloaded due to Tournament end coming soon.


happened me once, I think it’s a glitch or a connection issue but i’m not sure, hopefully Ludia will fix it


I also had this happen to me 5 times today.

Twice on home WiFi which granted is pants, but three times on 4G which I rarely have issues with.

I have only had this twice ever since May (this particular issue, not total drop outs which happen all the time :expressionless:)

Defo something going on today.

Phone screen is not in good shape right now.



I’ve been having this problem for a while but just assumed it was my problem due to rubbish phone signal but if it is some kind of game issue I hope they sort it… but I’m still going for bad signal/connection


I want my damn trophies back!

I started a match were I started with Ankylosaurus, the opponent brought out Monolophosaurus so I decided to swap my dino out to Kentrosaurus for the cleanse ability. I select swap, select my Kentrosaurus, the option to swap disappears as i selected my dino, the timer counts down to 0 and the opponent hits my Ankylosaurus and it returns the basic attack.

Next turn, I swap to Kentro, it does it again, it didn’t accept my command even though it accepted it on screen.

My Anky dies, so I select Pyroraptor to finish off the Monolophosaurus, the count down gets to 0 and it selects my Kentrosaurus as that was next on my list!

So sod this, I decide on that turn to use the Instant cripple attack, I select it, the icon disappears and shows on my actions that I chose it, the countdown gets to 0 and the opponent attacks me and my Kentro does its basic attack.

Nothing was being accepted even though on screen it showed what I was chosing!

I finally got back to 2,900 trophies only to be robbed by this broken game!

Please give me my trophies back! I don’t want to wait 2 weeks for support to respond!


I just lost a battle in Badlands because there was a bug that made me only use my first move even though I picked another move. Please fix soon!


Had a similar experience when I selected an attack but my dino didn’t attack it just went straight to my opponents attack. 2 straight games. Not a happy camper. :unamused:


@Ludia this is a real problem and the tournament is at the end I’ve lost 3 to 4 battles since yesterday… totally ticks me off!


Same problem–last night and this morning, nothing I choose is accepted, and it defaults to the first move. Arghhhhh.


Hey everyone, I’m sorry to hear about the battle issues you are having with your dino’s abilities. Our team has been notified, and they would like to take a closer look at this and investigate further. Reach out to them here at with more details such as which dinosaur you used, the name of the affected ability, and which arena you were on. Make sure to include your support key in the email as well. If this happens again, force closing and relaunching the game should allow the abilities to work correctly again.