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How many people who have played this game for 10 years and are tired of the constant difficulty in winning brawls! I feel that a game that used to be fun has become a constant “No Win” situation. It is no better than playing against a Las Vegas casino! I am 73 years old and have played since the beginning. I believe that is 10 years. I do not mind a challenge, but you creators are becoming more greedy! New people will join, but hopefully they will learn sooner and not feed your greedy hands! One must constantly spend more and more money to keep up with difficult challenges! Why must you be so greedy? :thinking::neutral_face:

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I find most of the game to be good to great. Brawl seems to be one of the areas where a robust AI can make me see red at times. I keep to the same three dragons and never use a champion ( what fun is that?). Still looking for something that is more balanced. A current Champion level 3 in Brawl is where I am

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I think the developers lost sight of the fact that the brawl is part of a game app, and games should be fun. Between the speed “feature” making dragons cut in front of other dragons, the difficulty increasing until you are in a no-win situation, and the unbalanced card drop rates, brawls have lost their sense of fun. I like it when a game is challenging, but with issues like what we see in brawl… Well games that aren’t fun, are a waste off time, and I don’t appreciate my time being wasted. So when I see the brawl mode doing those things, I tend to just remove the app from memory and restart it. It is my way to protest what brawl has become, and to get back to more fun aspects of the app faster than it takes to lose a brawl (even if you surrender).

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Thank you, gentlemen! I am so frustrated and appreciate your comments! I do not like the busy work to get little in return. I lose 2 out of 3 dragons in the majority of brawls. So lots of losses! Also, the journeys are a lot of work and time for very little reward! The game must have the worst odds. I have been trying to build up one dragon for months. Lots of feeding and it’s still just at 16! This company cannot be this desperate for money…

Brawl is a hot, steaming turd. Period. There are almost more issues with it than I could hope to enumerate. It is unquestionably the worst thing to happen to RoB (yes, even worse than the new Gobber’s Duties).

Upgrading dragons is counterproductive. Token distribution is badly skewed. Dragons, especially the new ones, are badly skewed (I need as many tokens to upgrade a grade 6 heroic dragon as a grade 12 heroic dragon). Champions are utterly pointless because they are, and forever will be, several grades behind the rest of your roster.

That it’s rigged so that you can’t keep winning is the least of its problems. Honestly, I don’t understand why people get quite so worked up about this. It’s not like having to lose as often as you win (or, just, not play 100 times a day, because why would you want to do that anyway given all the other problems?) is that big a deal, or makes it impossible to go up in rankings. At an exactly 50% win/lose rate, you will gain 25 trophies every two battles and will always be facing off against opponents at (or even slightly below) your own level… which is a winnable fight more often than not.

I also don’t understand why so many players don’t seem to understand how turns work. Maybe it’s because they took out the ‘speed bars’ that showed how each dragon comes back up in the order. Maybe it’s because no one plays classic video game RPGs (Final Fantasy I, Crono Trigger, and the like) any more? I admit this would be less frustrating if there was some indication how it worked, rather than being a mystery to players that don’t understand the underlying mechanic.

I do wish there was a way to “abort” a brawl when I just don’t want to fight it, without having to wait for the opponent to KO one of my dragons. Yes, restarting the app works, but that’s slow and annoying.

I dislike the brawls that are no win situations because they are a pointless waste of time. I have a life outside of the game, that is, and always will be a higher priority than the game. Wasting my time with brawls that are unwinnable just aggravates me, so I generally refuse to play them.

The speed feature is inconsistent, and I’m going to call it what it is, which is institutionalized cheating. With the same dragons and status I’ve repeatedly observed different results in terms of what dragon gets to go next. Plus cheating is wrong and institutionalized cheating is worse.

The unbalanced card drop rate is just annoying. As is the feature that makes it counterproductive to upgrade your dragons. In fact, I haven’t invested in leveling up brawl dragons on berk or in brawl in what seems like forever.

The brawl feature is the aspect of the game that I most frequently see complaints about. There are a lot of reasons for that. On the other hand, most people seem to like the gauntlets. Perhaps if brawl was converted into something more like gauntlets, and with the card drop rate issues were addressed, maybe that would convert brawl from an annoying (at best) to a fun aspect of the game.

…and yet, you are spending enough time playing brawl to get into this situation. Why is that not a waste of time? Why, in fact, do you ever bother to play more than the two brawls per day (one of which you can lose!) needed to achieve the Duty?

Still, I suppose you’d also appreciate the ability to abort a brawl without having to wait to lose a dragon or restart the game? (Maybe even to just up-front pay in runes or trophies to reset the difficulty level?)

It would be interesting to see hard numbers on that?

Eh, if you want to complain about “institutionalized cheating”, how about the fact that Valka Training out-and-out lies about the success probability? A “fair” chance should mean 50%, give or take some reasonable margin. In practice, while I have seen successful training at that level, there is absolutely no way a wheel that looks like a 50% chance actually is. For every successful training at less than an apparent 50% chance, I have two or three that fail that supposed 50% chance three or more times in a row. Statistically, that’s impossible if the apparent chance is honest.

Come on, Casinos have more fair results than the RNG from most of the games we play in our phones. Failing a couple of attacks in a row doesn’t trigger me anymore, in fact seeing the opponent fail makes me think the game wants to reward me in some way xD

And guys, do you remember those times when they were trying to make us believe we were having actual PvP? Gosh, it felt so fake when you would challenge the same name and picture with a completely different set of dragons twice in a row… But that’s how the game is, that’s how the business works

Did anyone else have their calendar reset to Day 1? I also had Thawfest Egg Hunt reset. I only had 3 or 4 more eggs to find but now I am supposed to find 15 in 6 days!

Hey there Lisa, sorry that you experienced this. Please write in to our support team at with your support key so they can look into this. Thanks for having reached out to us!

Amen, player! Totally agree with you