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Game direction

I’ve been playing for 3 months, and while I enjoy the game there seems to be no direction for the future. This to me is a problem as it seems you need to play this game for 1yr+ to get anywhere close to unlocking all of the creatures.

I would suggest Ludia to create a rough outline of where they want to see the game headed over the next year or so (obviously subject to change), but currently it seems they have no interest into taking suggestions into account or even acknowledging what they are working on.

Some of the things I would like to see addressed are:
1. Unlocks for common/rares for levels above 55
This has been asked many times but I can’t find any official response and is definitely a sore spot for many newer players including myself. How often can we expect unlocks for these creatures for above 55’s?
2. Unlock rotation
How long would a new player have to play to get all the unlocks for common/rare/super rare/legendaries(not tournament)? 6 months? 9 months? A year? We are at the mercy of a seemingly uncertain decision making process that we have no control over. At least a time frame would be necessary to let the players know how long they can expect to get all the unlocks. Also why have there been so many kaprosuchus unlocks and none for metriarynchus?
3. New creatures
How often will they be added? Will they mostly be hybrids? Gen2? Completely new? I would say that personally gen2 creatures give me no excitement, Hybrids are meh but totally new creatures are awesome! While preferences are different for different people, there should be a roadmap of how often/what kind of new creatures are in the works.
4. Inflation
It’s no secret DNA costs for creatures are increasing for the amount of ferocity gained. This is strictly inflation when there aren’t more ways to get DNA. It’s a good way to annoy the player base.
5. Quality of life improvements
I know this doesn’t directly turn into revenue but there have been many suggestions that have not even garnered a response from Ludia. I think making a better game will encourage more people to play and spend and I think quality of life improvements are a great way to keep people happy. A list of QOL improvements in the works would be good.

Anyway, I’m sure there are other things that could be addressed in a ‘game direction’ post from Ludia, these are just the major ones I could think of. I hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears as lack of clarity for the latest update really makes me wonder if I will play/spend on this game long term. Would love to get a response from Ludia on this if this is something that can happen.

Ps ignore my name I made it while I was feeling very cynical.

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Thanks,I did not notice your name till you specified it.

I’m not speaking for Ludia, but I can help with some of your questions/concerns

  1. Unlocks For Common’s, Rares, and Super-rares
    You’re not alone feeling the frustration about not having certain Common, Rare, and Super-rare creatures unlocked. Ludia reworked the Battle Stage Unlocks back in November and since then seem to be stuck in a holding pattern, largely rerunning the many of the same creatures. I recently started a brand new game (while keeping my pre-existing one) to collect some data on the new early game for the Community. It is frustrating to not have easy access to some of those beginning creatures, especially the hybrids. Ludia has had some unlock events for many of those creatures before (Unlock week back in April) and has said they will be rotating through everything. You can take them at their word or not.

  2. Unlock Rotation
    Speaking solely for myself. I started this game in August of 2018. I got my last unlock in September of 2019. There are some caveats to that. Hyneria, Leedsichthys, and Eucladoceros were all introduced about that time and did not get unlock events until later, along with the Gen 2 creatures. So, if you want to throw them in, it took almost 2 years to get everything unlocked. And I still haven’t finished getting my tournament hybrids or Indoraptors unlocked, although I do have all of the required unlocks. Regarding tournament unlocks, as I said I started in August of 2018. I got caught up on tournament unlocks in January 2020. While sometimes I have been known to complain about the near-constant tournament grind, this would not have been possible at the more relaxed tournament rate when I started playing.

  3. New Creatures
    During my time, I can speak to several new creatures: Leedsichthys, Hyneria, Eucladoceros, the five Gen 2 creatures, Zalmonodon, Panochthus, Lythronax, Glythronax, Dracorex, Gigantophis, Tusoteuthis, Procoptodon, Allonogmius, Suchodus, Plesiosuchus, the super-hybrids not name Indoraptor (Gen 1), and I believe all of the Aquatic and Cenozoic hybrids. There may be more, but these are the ones I can speak to. We all have favorite creatures that haven’t been included. We all like unlocking something shiny and new. I agree with you on the Gen 2s and the hybrids, I can take or leave (although I recognize I need them for gameplay and completeness). But my point is Ludia is releasing new creatures. And they have been a mixture of several different types.

I don’t know what your game goals are, but most of us here on the forum want some combination of the following

  1. Unlock everything
  2. Be successful at PVE and tournament battles
  3. Fill up the paddocks, preferably with level 40s
  4. Complete the Missions

There are really only two legal ways to do that: spend the time or spend the money.

This may not be the answers you want, but I hope they help.


Thanks Andy,
It is helpful to look at what the past has been.
But I am definitely interested in Ludia providing a general game direction as I think this will be helpful to newer players and also healthy for the game.

Players often have good ideas and tailoring the game towards the player I think has good benefits in the long term.

I’d definitely say my goals are to unlock every creature and get to 40, but the lack of control and uncertainty about unlocks and future creatures makes it more difficult to get motivated.


I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but playing for three months, is really just starting to play this game. It took me almost two years to unlock all previous released tournament creatures that were not released as I was playing the game. This game can be played in a multitude of different ways but almost all of them are a long game play, you can choose to play casually but then can’t expect to have the same level of success as those that grind day in and day out over years.

While I can agree with you on that it would be great to know what the future holds for the game, I also understand that Ludia is a for profit company and will listen to its customers and base the direction of the game on what will lead them towards the most profitable outcome.

They have done a lot for the game over the last 3 years that I have been playing: expanding the level cap multiple times, opening up a whole new island, revamping the VIP program, adding the Fidelity membership, and lots of other tweaks to the general play of the game irrespective of the new creatures they have added.

I have not seen them increase the DNA cost of really any creature other than when they do a rebalancing of a creature or group of creatures (Cenozoic), so I don’t think you are using the inflation claim the correct way. Do stronger creatures cost more DNA, yes they do, as they should. Does this mean you need to work harder for the creature, well only if you want to reach those levels of creatures. I bring in around 70-80k DNA a week because I choose to, based on how I play the game, I am sure other folks bring even more in that are willing to put more work into their game. When I started I could not bring in this much DNA but as your game progresses so does your ability to farm resources.

Ludia puts out a schedule of unlocks on a weekly basis, every Sunday. They have also said all creatures will rotate eventually. I have witnessed some creatures only coming around once every two years, but they come around. I can agree that the common and rare creatures should be open to higher level players rather than being level capped so that folks can get the lower level creatures sorted, but this is a nice to have and not required to function with in the game. And like I said they eventually come around.

All in all I think Ludia does a really good job with keeping us informed about items on the verge of coming and even invited player based feedback via a survey awhile back. But again a lot of this information has come from playing and watching this game for three years now, which after three months you wouldn’t be aware of.

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No offence taken. Just so you know where I am coming from I did play this game a few years ago, I think I quit just after the cenozoic’s originally came out (maybe After the first woolly mammoth tournament?).

It’s good to hear that overall it has been a positive experience for you and have felt good changes have occurred; this makes me hopeful. You are right when you say I haven’t experienced as much as many of you.

I guess the main purpose was coming at it from a new player perspective, which is often different from an established player. If you knew it was going to take 3 years of grinding to get to where you want to be in the game would you even start? I think the perceived endgame needs to also be perceived as attainable in a reasonable amount of time or money spent, which could definitely vary from person to person.

I would say personally I would hope in 1.5-2 years to have unlocked all or almost everything with active gameplay.

I also think like in most games there are particular sore spots that could be addressed.

I understand of course a company wants/needs to make money, but long term viability is also important (which based on how long this game has survived, seems like it has made good decisions so far).

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