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Game-distroying boosts

PLEASE: take this DISHONEST boosts out of game again!!
Maybe your idea behind this tool was well-meaning. But it distrois the whole game!! I understand that this tool is a nice methode for you, to earn money. But otherwise it stopps gamers like me to spend only one euro more for other futures. And now the question is: do you earn more money with the boosts? Or do you loose more with players like me??

And place the topic “money” at side: it’s not funny any longer for me to play that game!! I liked it, played it very often and for me it was really a very, very good game! But like now I really think to delete the app. Right now I still have an own alliance with family and friends inside. But all of them think about this topic like me and I’m sure, there enough other members thinking like us.

Please, save this game, make it great again and delete this game-killer “boost”!!


PS: sorry for my bad englisch. Thats not my mother-tongue


Or you could introduce the original boosts again and put an unboosted arena where you are not fighting overboosted indo gen 2 and thors

I am very very very anti-boosts, but I’d accept an unboosted arena. Assuming trophies and rewards are equal.


At this way this game isn’t interesstimg to be played any longer!! Meanwhile every fight is against players, who boosted up their animals in every way which is possible. Against those players there is no chance to win. Like now, that game frustred more than it makes fun!!
Every one who playes in normal way has to “fight” to bring his animals to next level… either to reach the points which are necessary to do an upgrade… in front of the dinos which are a combination of two others. And than, when you reach this step, you still have to bring the coins which are wanted to proceed the upgrade. And after you have reached all you need and upgradet the animal, your oppinion has boosted all his dinos.
NO, that’s not the basic idea for a fair and interessting game!!!

If Lydia want to hold on those boosts I would be on your side: every one should be able to make the choice, if he wants to play in fair and normal way, without boosts. And the other one can fight in their own “who is the best booster”- areas!!

And by the way: why do I actually need to boost my animals this way? I’m a sooooo bad gamer, that I’m not able to win in normal way?
Plus: i can’t imaging that it could be interessting to make fights this way… where is the real Challenge in there?

Would it stop this boosting, if there would be a list with the names of those gamers, who need to boost there animals in neverending way, because otherwise they are not able to win?? Think about it :slight_smile:

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