Game does not have reliable connection


went around the corner with my kids to do this strike event. And tried to battle 3 times and could not complete it do to reconnect errors. This is getting overly ridiculous… went to another strike event a few streets over, still connected for an instance, was able to battle one time, and the reconnect dread purple circle of death happened still!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


I’ve been getting this a lot lately when I turn my phone on. Takes about ten minutes and sometimes a couple restarts of the phone to get connection. Never used to have a problem.


correct. Never had this problem . With every update they bring, it seems as though this game is requiring a 4bar or 5 bar 4g lte connection. I live in a smaller developing town and in my neighborhood I only achieve 3bar 4g lte. which seems like it should be sufficient enough. It was earlier to play this game. And to play PoGo.

But not ANYMORE!

It would be nice if their support team would address this somehow and in show fashion…

Like is it them, is it my service provider, is it their servers. What the heck is the problem?