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Game does not load for me

The game stays on loading screen on startup forever.

Hey there, Smazork. Are you still having trouble loading the game?

Having the same issue as the OP

  • As of 5pm CSt 4/13/21 -
    App just stays on the loading screen.
  • App was functional earlier today.

Hey there U4ikrob. If restarting your phone doesn’t help, please email our team at (with your support key if possible) so they can assist! Thank you.

Restarted the phone 3 separate times with no effect - same results.
Uninstalled and re-installed App and it functions again. - Caveat - the app launches and comes to the main menu - when I try to resume a guild raid, it begins to load and comes up with the
'Error codev107
An error has occurred message- Please restart your game.

Sounds like a hanging open DB error - my hunch is I will have to quit the raid resume, restart the app to resume function of the app…

This is the 3rd time after an update within a few weeks where the app has locked up and wont load. Uninstall and re-install seems to be the only solution… Sounds to be an open memory leak in the App code.

Noticed several issues this year with updates causing issues in the app. Unsure who performs the QA on the App DB and for the game menu, but there seem to be several errors in the DB and Menus… App still has issues with Character abilies non-functioning even though they are in effect [both PVE and PVP battles]

Ongoing issues where the app locks on a menu screen that is blank after an event is played- Only work around is to select another menu and return to the original menu screen or restart the app.

Just a few thoughts to share…:neutral_face:


Reinstall the app seems to work for me as solution to this issue.

The re-install will work to get the app restarted, but if your in a raid, rally, dungeon instance, etc… when uninstalling the game, you lose that DB key when un-installing. From then the game will launch to the main screen and try to resume your previous progress, but will recieve a
107 error- Please restart your game message

To resolve the hanging 107 error, you must quit whatever previous progress and then the game will function normally.