Game doesn't load after 2.9 update (24 HOURS LATER, still no fix, we are disappointed Ludia)

When will this be fixed??

Am I the only one whose game is loading fine? I haven’t been having any problems.

How do you relink the game to Google Play

Happens when you load the game and login with google

Not for me.
I can’t choose an account

Hey CaseyLoki. Sadly, we don’t have an ETA on a fix from our team, yet. However, our team is working hard behind the scenes to try and get this resolved. We’ll be sure to try and provide any new information on this thread here:

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That doesn’t work

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tried that and unfortunately does not launch the google play menu to choose account, yet stopping at 1/30 forever. May I ask whether you have only one google account or several google accounts in the same device?

Unfortunately nothing pops up to link to Google Play account.

Some of you have never worked at a software company and it clearly shows. Never had to deal with SRE or Incident Management

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there is a golden rule in a software company when something goes horribly wrong ( and this is one of those occasions when the upgrade is clearly impacting your customers and thus your business) and is rollback.

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Thank you for responding, I have tried every suggestion but still nothing.

This worked

1- unlink game from permissions
2- uninstall game
3- re-install game
4- play game (it will relink your account)

I tried it without uninstalling and it didn’t work. I had to follow the above steps.

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Is that on iOS or Android?

Tried doesn’t work

It worked on my end.

Try uninstalling the game. Then reinstall. That worked for me.

Tried many times useless

Holy cow. That worked like a charm. Once I figured out the blue letters here were a hyperlink they took me straight to where I needed to go. Thank you very much @deathstarunion

Hot Dog! These steps worked for me as well - as posted by deathstarunion and scarredlungs. Thank you!

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