Game doesn't load after 2.9 update (24 HOURS LATER, still no fix, we are disappointed Ludia)

Interesting, I left it at 8/30 for a good 5-10 minutes, and I have logged in. Also I changed from WiFi to mobile data if that made any difference.

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Are you serious? :exploding_head: I might just try that in a bit then when I have a few hrs to not look at my phone :joy:

Wish it could get to 8/30 but will not move from 1/30 :frowning:

Yup, im one of those people who gets more mad every hr counting… Day 3 is ahead. :rage:
i bet we get an “100 cash reward” (who everyone will get because thats easier for them ofcourse), instead of something “worth the trouble”.


Ludia please tell us something. This is killing us. A little bit of feedback would at least give us a bit of hope. It has been 3 days. Surely that is not too much to ask???

Hey everyone, I’m sorry to see that many of you are still having loading issues with the game, and I understand your frustration.

While this might sound repetitive, please rest assured that our team is still working hard right now to try and resolve this issue. :sweat:

The Login Issue thread has been updated this morning with some new info, and we will continue to try and provide updates on that thread as soon as we get them from our team:

Thank you for your understanding and patience!

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I agree with you absolutly. Let see where we gonna land.

The problem is that help is only good for the Android so that does not help me in anything and people like me in iPhone iOS
But I’m glad that you guys are coming forwards more often and talking to us,making us feel not ignore….
But still thanks for let’s us know something

Has someone reset to factory?
Did it work?
I’m afraid of losing a lot of personal data if I reset.

I never would reset my Phone only because a game is stucking :wink:

In a few weeks Ludia maybe will fix the bug :heart_eyes:

A few weeks??? :scream::scream::scream::scream:

For info - I just tried downloading the game on my mums tablet and the same issue happens.

She has never downloaded the game/app before.

She doesn’t have a Facebook account so it can’t be connected to that.

The only account she used was her Google Play account.

I have also seen on twitter and Facebook a lot of new users saying they had the same issue when trying to download the game for the very first time, so I have a horrible feeling that not only are a lot of existing players effected, but new players can’t even start the game either.

If I was Ludia, I’d roll back the update, re-release the previous version and work on a fix for the new update before releasing it again. In addition, I’d compensate all players for the 2 days of either missed playing or playing and losing any gains lost by having the app rolled back.

It won’t look good if not even any new players can open the game, let alone a large percentage of current users.

I do feel bad for Ludia, as it seems something has gone very wrong with this update. The tech teams are probably all really stressed out, and they are likely losing a lot of revenue. Think we should all be kind with our words towards them, and hope they do the sensible thing.


Why can’t we have the original version back?
The version that works….
Seems so obvious yet all we are getting is the same rhetoric ‘we are working on it’
It simply isn’t good enough, and the fact that the update was pushed back a day certainly suggests they knew something was wrong.


I believe you are doing your think as best was u can but for us is very depressing seeing this and go to discord and watch everyone talk about the raids and the new dinos when you can not access the game and then they put it a screenshot of me 2 days off :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: that never happen
Came on Ludia try a bit harder please……


That with the few weeks was sarcasm about Ludias Speed with Bugfixes :wink:

Ok, did someone contact whit Ludia…I mean did Ludia contact back whit someone? How this happened? I know the standard worlds “we know about it and we working to fix it” but what is the reason?

Should we assume this won’t be resolved until Monday at the earliest since it’s close to the weekend?

I think it would be safe to assume that Barney.

100% don’t believe we will see a fix over the weekend.

And how do you go about that? I cannot switch login method anywhere as the game is stuck on the 1/30 loading screen… And it does not have any buttons or similar to interact in any way.
Regards Aziul

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