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Game down now?

My apple and android devices are both getting cant connect to server. That is via wifi and 4g

Getting cannot connect to server

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What a relief, I thought I was the only one. It is just the time when I get my custom trades.

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rebooted my router as well which takes forever. :slight_smile:

It cannot be your router unless it sends bad vibrations to mine too.

Thank you for bringing it to our attention, I have informed the team and they are looking into it.


I am back in on android. will check ipad in a min

Edit. Ipad back up too. Thanks

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Been having problems yet with server losing connection message and says to check my internet connection. Well my connection is fine. I can access other things
Was fine then all of sudden it stopped. On an android phone

Same issue on iPad here.


Please see @John_Engelhardt and @DeathEngineer posts above as they now have problems. I am still connected fine.

Edited. Something weird happened to post so amended.

@John_Engelhardt and @DeathEngineer Are you still unable to connect?

Yes I just tried. Same thing

All good now, thanks!

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H @John_Engelhardt i, I have passed onto the team you are still unable to connect, can you also write to support with your support key, so we can investigate further.
Thank you

Just hot back in
Thanks for the help