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Game down or just me

Is the game down for anyone else or just me? my internet is working fine.


Hey DPGCraig, are you still having issues with your game?

Hi @Ned I’m seeing several reports of people having issues with the game today. It isn’t global (I don’t personally have this problem) and we are thinking maybe something on one of the servers? Can you see if there is any work being done on this? I can try to get you a support key if that might help.

My game isn’t working either. It won’t even try to boot up.

My game isn’t booting up either

My game keeps stopping. I’ve reinstalled twice and it works for a bit then shuts down again.

An alliance member has the same thing. He starts up, it works for about 5 seconds and then shuts itself down. Reinstalling doesn’t seem to work either. I thought it was just him.

Three members of our alliance have the same problem. In all three cases it was just after opening a cash link.

My game crashes when trying to load too. Android.

Several in my alliance has the same problem including myself. If I close the app it will crash when I try to open it again. I reinstall the app and it works until I close it. Then the same crash happens. So I have to reinstall the app every time I want to play the game. Been like it for a couple of hours.

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Yep , can confirm i cant log in game , game crashes ,

Confirmed. Have to wipe the data or reinstall to start the game now on Android. Started a few hours ago. Crashes out on load.

The screen shows in the background as if it is running, but it has actually crashed. Eventually Android throws a JW Alive keeps stopping error. Never gets past 1/28

2 in our alliance cannot get into the game either

Someone in Gamepress JWA Discord shared this solution:

"To fix this, you need to go to the play store and search for: “Android System Webview”.

You need to press uninstall, this should uninstall its updates only and your apps should be working again. Then we wait for them to release a fix before you update the service once more.

Don’t disable it in app settings as it will only fix some apps, but stop others from working. You need to uninstall the updates from the play store. Hope this helps"


It could be an Android issue as I have other games doing the same thing. Start to load and just close instantly. Restarting, clearing cache don’t work. Uninstall and reinstall seems to work for a very short time but then it goes again.

What’s weird is I did not update the device. Was playing, stopped, restarted a few minutes later and this started happening. I did see one notice about my email stopping too though, so maybe…

I’m having this issue as well. Seems like it’s a gmail issue, because my Gmail app crashes as soon as I start it up.

Can confirm , that this works , it has to be UNINSTALED from google play

My game is having the same problem :unamused:

I seem to have run into a problem where my game will not load at all, unless i reinstall it. Which i have to do anytime i wish to play it. I have emailed support already.

But i wonder if this might just be on my end with my phone going weird, as for some reason my email app ( which i never use ) keeps on running into the same problem. And has been saying the app is failing to load.

Anyone run into this before?