Game down


Says need a new version but there is no update in the Google play store… anyone else experiencing this ?

New Version Required to play... but no update available
Can't play or update
Can’t open JW

I’m getting this from the Apple side as well.


Yes I’ve got the same issue. It worked fine this morning. Now it doesn’t.


On Android, getting same message.


Yea same here just walked 3 miles to local park for special event then they pull this crap


Yep same message and I was on about 15 mins ago


Same problem here!! No update in the App Store (iOS)


Same says there is a new version.


Same for me!
Could be the new update coming out?


Looks like they are rolling out the New 1.3 Update.
Guys… have patience and wait for the awesome changes to roll in :smiley:


This is great news that we are all in the same boat guys… New version should be here soon


I was sure hoping that! :slight_smile: Got my claws crossed!


Absolutely gutted for you mate!!


Nice new update coming.


I’m not having that issue


Oh I cant wait for the new update.
How do you guys think the friend thing is going to work?


Same here no update…


Raptors are going to be nerfed in this update, RIP my level 29 Raptor :disappointed_relieved:


Be something to do with Facebook friends I’d imagine… then just the same set up as the current battle, but all dinos level 26


Nope they are just going to buff the counters.