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Game Economics

Ever since the update, I’ve struggled massively with balancing the economics of this game. I’ve tried:

  • Only leveling with 1* dragons. This works well for the lower stages, but the fish cost of leveling after 4* is insane. This ends up with me having no fish and no eggs…can’t get eggs fast enough to level up, but when I do level up, the fish costs is so high its unbelievable.

  • Only leveling with 3* dragons. This devastated my gold and I ended up with too many fish, no gold, and no eggs.

  • Leveling with a mix of 3* and 1* dragons. The cost and time to hatch 3* dragons left a strong imbalance and made for a very long wait for a few small levels.

  • Leveling with a mix of 1* and 2* dragons. Simply put, this wastes scales, one of the most precious resources of the game.

So I’m feeling very pinched for fodder right now. I’ve gone back to using only 1* dragons for leveling, and even though I’ve bought several mother’s day mini packs for the eggs, the fodder is simply not enough. Does anyone have a strategy for this??? I have many dragons I need to level t stay competitive in alpha battles and I’ve been riding the strugglebus ever since that last big update.

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I do mostly 1*. I will do 2* for duties oit when the costs are high. I have slowed down on my 4* above level 20 on final tier, but have tons of other dragons to level.

Scales are the one Resource I have never been low on, but then again I do something different than most as I have been short on gold since the beginning and never have enough to train dragons or upgrade buildings. Level 35 and I am still waiting to upgrade hatchery for 3* also waiting on two upgrades to breedery plus.dragons to train. Haven’t gotten to the point of overflowing coins like everyone else