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Game enhancement ideas

This is a fun game. Like many other people, when I find an already fun game, I can’t help but think about how it could be even more fun. So I thought I would ask for other people to share their ideas. And since I’m asking other people about their ideas are, here some of my own.

  • Breed Dragons: I already enjoy recruiting and training the best flock of dragons possible. If we could breed our dragons, that would take the fun to a new level as players try to breed thoroughbred dragons. It might even be interesting to make it possible to trade dragons with other players.

  • New Characters: I like the idea of the new characters, but we need something for them to do, quests, searches, journeys, something.

  • More Fish Huts & Sawmills: We have lots on new land (thanks Ludia), but we didn’t get a lot of new fish huts and sawmills. It would be GREAT to have more.

  • Amber Statues and Iron: It feels like an oversight that the amber statues apply to wood and fish, but not iron. Could the idea of the amber statues be expanded to include iron?

  • Brawl and speed: The speed aspect of brawling that moves dragons up or down in the line/queue just feels like cheating. Even when I’m getting turns faster than my opponent, it just feels wrong. Ditch the speed.

  • Training Statue: The amber statues that help with Valka training was awesome. Could we get an amber statue that speeds up academy training? I bet players would max that statue up as fast as possible.

What ideas have you been thinking about?


Thank you @TySmith for all these great suggestions and feedback!

Definitely sharing it with our Developers.

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I am thinking about Clans and how that would encourage players to make beautiful bases they can show off to their friends!

It would also be nice if you could find some kind of hidden flowers when spectating friendly villages, like 2 flowers daily and unlock a dragon egg every few weeks similarly with the puzzle we already have.

Of course the main thing with clans will be to chat and show your village but I have one more idea that would also give a meaning to night lights!

Each night light can be sent to explore the hidden world once every 3 days and it can take with him 2 titan dragons of the same species. When they return there is a chance they will have an offspring dragon of the same species (but maybe it will be exotic or so). If you send a dragon together with a friend then you both get an offspring. If you fail then you can get amber or iron or some runes so the night lights are somehow useful anyways :slight_smile:

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