Game erased after update forced to start from beginning


So disappointed in the new update. Did the update started playing … game froze … restarted game and it had erased all my progress (level 8/level 5 battlefield) and all my dinos and made me start from the beginning. This is very disheartening to the point I don’t think I’m no longer going to play; specially since everything I read states it can’t be fixed.

Anyone else lost their account?
Game reset
I Lost my account please help me
Lost my account
I lost my account!
Help me please

same thing happened to me.
where do you read it can’t be fixed?
i think you need to send your old and new support key to their help/support peeps.
don’t use the in-app help/support - haven’t gotten anything from them for 6 days now
i agree with you though, if this doesn’t work i’m going to stop playing.


I googled how to change the key. If you don’t know your old key sounds like your screwed. Who’d a thunk you need to keep this information??? I’ve sent many emails out and haven’t heard a peep other than they are getting slammed and will get to my ticket in order it was received.


So if you do know it, I guess you have to go through their help/support people and you can’t do it yourself? I know my old support ID but been waiting forever


Hey jenny_baker, I’m sorry that happened, but was your game connected to either a Facebook or Google Play store account? If it was, make sure that you’re still connected to either of those accounts when launching the game. If you’re still having an issue, our support team will try and respond to you soon. Avoid sending in multiple emails before our team gets a chance to reply because it might reset your position in the queue.


Yes, was logged in with my google account. Still logged in with my google account and no change . :frowning:


Bummer. Hang in there Jenny, they’ll try to help. I’ve been having trouble with my tablet account, but phone seems fine. Every time I tried to login to FB, it shut the game down and when I relaunched I wasn’t signed into either FB or Google. It did eventually resolve itself. Deleted game, reinstalled and signed in only to Google, then restarted tablet. Seems to be okay now and signed into both as of this morning. Hope that helps. Also take a screenshot of the login page to save your key.


Mee too! I payed 29 € in this app and now i want my money back!!


After the upgrade i lost my account and i lost also my 29€ i spent in this game!!! I want my money back!!!


There was an update I accenditaly hit uninstalling. When reinstalled not sure how to get my profile back. I was linked to Facebook


Hey Michael_Richardi-Ker, if your game was connected to Facebook, make sure that you’re still connected when launching the game. Our FAQ here might be helpful to you:

If you’re still having an issue with your account, reach out to our support team here at with your support key and gamertag.


I’ve downloaded this new update and have lost my account. I’ve looked at the forums and what to do but nothing works has anyone else had the same problem? It was a level 6 account as well… bummer.


Yeah i lost my Google play account last night. Spun a supply drop, stayed in an infinite spin, so i closed the game out and reloaded it and I was in the tutorial and everything was gone.


Taking a break, I fired up the game, only to find that it has reset. All of my progress, and collections are gone. It’s like I never even loaded the game.


I’ve had this game for a while and I’ve found it fun so I decided to drop 20$ on the special offer Pyrorapter. I climbed my way into the third arena and then the update hit. I log in normally on the same internet using the same Game Center account and then it resets my progress so I don’t have anything like I’m just starting the game. What do I do?


Nailed me to, 50+dyno’s, cash and coin all gone. went from a lvl 9 to starting over.


After the new update the game didn’t run. I try to disintall and re-install the game and when i open it i found that everything was Lost. I have an iPhone but i never did the connection with Game Center or Facebook.
Please tell me that there is some way to recover my account.


I got it back.
When I first signed up, it was through Google play.
After the reset, I tried logging on through the Facebook option. All I got was a clean game, with everything reset. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. Then I logged on through Google play and everything is back to normal.


Is there someway to get your account back without the support key? If not I want my money back.


Hey Aurrow, contact our support team with your old gamertag and the support key from your new game, and they might be able to find you in their system.