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[Game Feature] Jurassic World: The Game | Code 19

This new game feature was added in Update 25!

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  • Once you’ve reached Level 12, you may experience a Code 19! Jurassic World staff trigger a Code 19 when one of your Land creatures becomes restless and is in danger of breaking out of its cage!
  • If a Code 19 is triggered you will have a chance to contain your creature before it breaks out, and earn some S-DNA rewards. If you fail in your containment attempt the creature will break out of its cage and you will have to send a team of dinosaurs to go after it!
  • The escaped creature, as well as those sent to track it, will not be available for battle until the creature is returned! , once the escaped creature is found, you will be able to attempt another containment sequence.
  • In Code 19, players will be able to collect XP, DNA, and S-DNA

Have you experienced a Code 19 yet? Tell us what you thought, what creatures got restless, and if you succeeded in calming them!


Huge no… create code 19 to be optional. Since it will cause the game freeze up to 30 mins and penalized for no reason


I like the idea, but I had 2 back to back while at work and the slider is nuts so I lost both. Then after you wait you have to work to calm the dino again. I’m not a fan of the Code 19…

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I’m sorry that Code 19 is causing the game to freeze for you @H_F. To run the game more smoothly, we recommend playing on a device with at least 1.5 GB of RAM and 2 GB of free memory. If your device meets the requirements and you’re still having issues, try closing any background apps you have opened while playing the game and see if that helps with the freezing during a Code 19 alert. If you’re still having issues, please contact our team here at with your support key so our team can investigate further. Thanks!

My phone is samsung j4 android 8.0 with 1.4G hz, 2 gb ram and 15 gb free memory

Three Code 19s in past few hours. Lost em all. Slider bar is awful. Barely contained them and got some regular DNA (30 maybe?) and XP points. I’m at Level 75 so I’mgood on points… I have disliked features before and later was ok with them, but I officially strongly dislike this non-optional Code 19.

Had four code 19’s yesterday one so far today.

No escaped Dino’s yet :+1:t2:
Two events finished in the green :+1:t2::+1:t2:

The slider is tricky but doable and each time I have gotten progressively better.

I do like how the event is geared towards the rarity (I believe) of the Dino. Meaning the common Dino that I got a code 19 only had I think 4 rounds and only had three taps on each round. Where my higher level Dino’s had five rounds and some slider action mixed in with rounds of 5-6 taps in the rounds.

I really appreciate the opportunity to get more S-DNA and the continued evolution of the game.

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I havent had a code 19 but the touch itself is horrible and I have a Samsung galaxy s9 it takes 5-6 times to select a dino for a battle and even collecting the free card pack etc…

Got two more tonight

Stegosaurus which was a five round battle of taps and sliders, needed to get 25 points to get a perfect containment based on the bar in this picture.

The nice thing is as you get all possible points within a round it’s sort of like bowling where you get bonus points as you keep you perfect streak going it seems, as I only needed 2 in the final round to max out the bar.
Rewarded with the following.
Second code 19 was Tuojiangosaurus

Which only needed 20 points for a prefect containment. Had 4 rounds again of sliders and taps. The slider seemed slower and had what appeared to be a wider target.

Perfect containment resulting in

As numerous players have said, Code 19 needs to be optional. Sometimes you just want to log in to (re)start an evolution, and to have a Code 19 pop up is really inconvenient; you either lose one dinosaur (read: 4 dinosaurs, really, since you need to send 3 more dino out to find it [and what in the world is up with that anyway? How does sending three dinosaurs out to find a lost dinosaur even make sense? You’d at least think it’d be sending out the raptor pack, since they tracked the Indominus in the film) or have to change your plans to finish the darn Code 19.

The minigame itself is fun once you get past the learning curve. The in-game instructions are quite unclear, but after about 6 or 7 tries, I have it figured out and, if I’m not distracted, can usually pull off a perfect containment. The slider game is really tough; probably tougher than it needs to be.

Long & short:

  1. Code 19 is a good addition to the game IF
  2. It’s made optional or can be “put off” to a time when the player chooses AND
  3. The horizontal slider minigame is made easier.
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Have you noticed the slider games difficulty seems to be tied to the rarity of the Dino?


Not really; it seems doggone tough regardless, but I trust your judgment. You’ve probably played it more than most of us. Good luck to you and to all with the Eryops “tournament” this weekend.

I only seemed to notice it when they were done close together and when it was a super rare compared to a common. The slider seemed slower and had a larger target area when the two were compared. Just wasn’t sure if it was just my mind or if others were seeing the same thing.

Hi All,
I am embarrassed to say but haven’t figured out how to succeed with the numbers… 1st I thought I was pressing each one too quickly so waited but that didn’t help. Sometimes get some but never all and have yet to win a code 19. Can’t be so difficult or is it? I always play on my phone.
Any tips would be helpful.
Have a great weekend !!!

@Sionsith: you are correct: the rarity of the dinosaur determines the difficulty of the Code 19. I had two legendary creatures get Code 19s this evening. The slider goes faster, and the yellow area is smaller. Moreover, the hexagons do not always fall in a linear order; they appear in different corners, or all over the screen, so you have to tap all over the place in random order. I managed to keep my Troodon, but lost my Prestosuchus for 5 hours. Grr.

@MAP: not sure what you tell. As the yellow outline gets smaller, when it touches, the hexagon turns blue; that’s when you tap it. You have to tap inside the hexagon, so far as I can tell. I hope that’s helpful? Good luck.


@Sionsith That part is ok, it is when you have to touch the hexagon with the numbers in order, that is what I am having the issues with … doing exactly the same thing for example 2 different stages, will get green that is ok but for the next one they are all red, too fast to touch, to slow, … ? Just can’t figure out what I am doing that is wrong opposed to right.

@MAP I am going to assume that you saw @HanSoloWannaBe ‘s post up above he is spot on. Depending on the rarity of the Dino trying to be contained your pattern and speed will vary so you will need to adjust your tempo. On the hexagons you do need to tap inside the hexagon right as it turns blue where as the slider you just need to tap the screen when the moving line is inside the target not the target area itself.

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Just had one of my elite dino species “captured” by Ludia terrorists!!!
And they take the entire species, not just one.
My 3 Concavenators gone for half a day.
This is war, so I placed all my best dinos in the depository.
My coins are maxed out anyway, so don’t need to earn any.
This should keep the terrorists/dinonappers at bay.

So a serendipitous discovery to share: when the Code 19 warning pops up, if you tap the red hexagon, where the countdown timer is, the game jumps straight to whatever dinosaur is escaping.

Wish I’d have known that earlier. Hope it helps others.

If the Code 19 is on a common or rare dinosaur, the hexagons and sliders both go more slowly than for a super rare or a legendary. I have a tendency to tap too fast on commons and rares; I hit the hexagon before the hexagon turns green. Not sure if that’s your issue, but it happens to me, especially on hexes 3-5; I get so excited at tapping 1 and 2 so fast I beat the computer to 3, 4, and 5. Hope that helps.