Game feels stale

I started playing in 2018, and I really enjoyed the game, leveling up was fun, pvp was more than tolerable. Raids were a fun addition for a while, but now it just feels repetitive. Not sure if anyone else feels this way


well, this is probably what pushes ludia to releasing a pack of new dinos and abilities every month.

i would play a lot more if game just works with less 50 bugs, or a faster ui experience. but we have more new bugs than dinos every update and game goes slower every month.

as a free player who reached ranking limit, i was enjoying a lot tournaments until i realize speed tie doesn’t allow me to play serious, unless i take some flight to north american continent to touch those moves first than my opponent.

so now jwa is more like a fidget game. i play daily tasks and not much more.

having more fun watching @Idgt902 videos :sunglasses::popcorn:

Better than last patch.
Faster battles, better battle quality…
And a reward worthy of my time.
Want people to get out of Gyro?
Reward them.
I’m actually impressed with Ludia’s carrot for once.

Some bugs are serious, but for every genuinely bad bug that effect gameplay there’s 10 pointless gripes about a viral here and there which are ultimately irrelevant…