Game Forced Me to Change Name

So, I logged into my game a few mins ago and it forced me to change my name to my Game Center ID (or whatever Apple calls it) and wouldn’t let me edit it. I tried to go and change it back, but it wants 500 runes. Is this happening to anyone else?

Edit: My clan is also saying they don’t even see the name. Says it reads “New Name #0000” for them.

Hello, @Elizabeth_Bounds, although I’m really not sure what might have caused this to happen, our support team would be glad to assist - send them an email at including your support key and they’ll help you out.

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This has happened to a few folks in our clan family as well, so it might be worth the development team checking out/figuring out what the glitch is in the interface with Apple

@Dot_Gale I thought it might be an isolated Apple issue. A lot of other names haven’t seemed to change. It’s just strange that it happened so suddenly. At first, I was freaking out that maybe my game was corrupt and started over. Nope. Just my name was forced to change

I am Android and I am having the same issue. It forces me to change the name, and an error screen appears “Try Again Later”. And when I finally enter, my guild members don’t show. And if I log out, the next time I log in it rquests me again to chance the name.