Game Format Suggestions

I’m just sticking to formatting changes here.

  1. Some way of displaying my device’s battery indicator in-game. The game’s a bit of a battery vampire & if PoGo can do it…
  2. A simple compass or North indicator in the map. There’s nothing to indicate direction other than the device’s directional indicator, which is error-prone. I live in a suburban area with a grid street layout, it’s difficult to figure out which direction to go sometimes.
  3. I like the battle comment feature but the icon is too small on my phone. I usually like to say “Well played” after a good battle, but my finger can’t hit the icon. Please increase the icon size, maybe make it transparent during battle so it doesn’t disrupt the graphics too much.

PS- just one playing suggestion, please program the Battle “bots” to do something other than that useless swapping when down to the last two creatures.


also a sign in what local area your in


Oh man if there were boundaries on the map that showed which local area you were in and when you change areas… AMAZING


If you’re fighting bots for an arena incubator, I always thought the swap fest at the end was so you’re guaranteed to win an incubator. I could be wrong, but other bots in strike events don’t do it so that’s what I figured was going on.

I’ve had it happen a couple times in strike events. I think it’s just lazy programming.

Just take the easy win. :roll_eyes:
You want tough battles? Fight real players in the arena :muscle:


no point on easy wins this way. better give us free incubators through inbox then.

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Free level 30 Tryko please :roll_eyes:

The bots are already usually levels below my creatures & using no strategy whatsoever. The swapping maneuver just delays the inevitable & it’s annoying.

“If pogo can do it…"

Pogo has done a lot more than JWA.

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& somehow without making it play-to-win :thinking:

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i have to mention that icon is too close my creature’s first move. it gives me a risk to touch basic move instead of sending an emoji.

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Also an easy fix.

Wanted to add: The Waiting For Opponent always shows a 2 minute countdown but it times out at after 1. Meanwhile I’ve never had a response after 30 seconds anyways. The timer could stand to be shortened.

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yep, we had some threads about it too…