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Game freeze,2nd level of bring own Snafflefang


I also had this bug but in the 4th stage of the fish quest, I tried about 4 times to play in it but it gets frozed everytime I try.

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Hey AlphaAva, thanks for letting us know!

I experienced no bug while playing the 2nd Bring-Your-Own-Snafflefang level so it might not be bound to the level. Much like with ghost glitches of the past.

The devs can look into what happened during the time you were playing these levels, though, both of you, each their respective level, and find the cause. And hopefully a cure as well.

I might not have come across the bug today, however I have faced it a few times in past battles, and well, both me and @AlphaAva have encountered it in Alpha battles too, losing clan energy in the process. Precious clan energy which doesn’t replenish in 10min.

Thus, it is even more pressing that the devs team come up with an anti-bug for this.

What I’ve noticed, and I don’t know if it’s any help, is that the bug causes the whole battle to freeze; you can’t move tiles, pressing auto-play doesn’t work, the enemy dragons don’t move. Trying to disconnect the game from the web and connect it again, as a desperate measure for a battle reset, doesn’t solve the bug. Only option is flee.

It is not bound to the tiles’ board as I’ve had it happen mid-fire (view Shellfire screenshot), it doesn’t occur during the same battle for everyone, and it can happen at the beginning of a battle with an Alpha, in which we don’t even get our moves handed to us before everything freezes (view Screaming Death screenshot).

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