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Game Freezes in Battle


At least 3 times today I have lost battles in lvl 2 because the games freezes. I can’t see moves or even if there is an opponent. By the time I reboot, no way to win. What’s up?


i have the same problem whever i want to go destroy some people with my lvl 5 Velociraptor, but the game freezes as soon as i start the battle and i cant reck them :pensive: Ludia needs to update the game to fix this issue or i might start playing Pokemon Go again


It seems no-one pays attention to this problem.


I just had this happen to me again after just reaching arena 2. This is the 4th time. Each time it happens my game freezes and is stuck. I try closing out of the game but when I come back in it takes me to the battle…only to freeze again. Because of this issue I have had to take loses and now I am back in arena 1 again due to this.