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Game freezes in the end of every tournament battle?

Is it just me or another… :face_with_head_bandage:


Yeah happening to quite a few

Lol… bravo Ludia

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i haven’t experienced it yet tw.

I haven’t started the Tourament yet, but this happened to me after almost every win in previous tournament.

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That’s what I’ve been experiencing in every single battle I won. So that’s what developers fixed in last week.

I’ll let our team know. Thanks for reporting this to us, DPG members!


Same as last week. But what did anyone expect they haven’t addressed a single issue with the game all week. All they did is shut the bot down. That doesn’t fix everything else.

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dont enter the arenas with your tourney team like i just did :joy:


Mine doesn’t do that. Not one disconnect or timeout either

Must be an exploit…

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What’s Your device and OS?

This happens to me every time.

iPhone 6S, IOS 12.2

Having to reboot the app after every battle is going to get old real fast.

Going to try a quick phone reboot.

I’m not getting freezing but I do need to restart the app after each tournament battle to avoid timing out.

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S10+ and I think android 8. Might be android 9. I’m not sure

I rebooted my phone and am not having the freezing st end of win now. Not that I’m winning much. :slight_smile:

this is a joke can they get anything right

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Yea mine freezes after every single win…

nope am on iOS happening to me also, lol ive actually played two tourney games in the aviary says fairground but background is defo aviary

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It’s now fixed at least for me, thank you!

I’m still having to restart after every game I win. Did a restart on my phone and cleared cache.

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