Game freezing on load up

Bug Description:
Game freezing while loading in the game

Area it was found in:
Loading screen

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- load up the game
Step 2 - cancel switching account

How often does it happen?
Happens every time. I cant log in anymore.
What type of device are you using:
Iphone 11

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

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Hey Koost_Guisperd, may I ask if you are still having issues loading your game?

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I am having the same problem

I’m having issues and have been since the most recent update

Hi there DJ-475. Could you try reinstalling your game to see if that solves it? If it doesn’t, please consider sending an email to our team at with some of your phone information included so they can assist.

Thank you!

If you’ve already linked your account in your in-game settings in the past, your progress will be quickly recovered when your account is linked again. If any issues were to arise, our team is also able to assist directly!
However, if it’s a Guest account that was never linked, it’d be preferable to skip reinstalling and to email our team first.

I also have the same problem

I am using iPhone XR

Sorry to hear that, Sadiesaurus. Could you please email our team at if you haven’t already? You can include the phone info as well.