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Game freezing on Qholillaroon (spoilers)

(Spoiler alert)

On last boss of Explore mode, Qholillaroon, I am able to get to him, and play 1 round of turns, and then the game freezes. Every time.

It freezes as in, looks like it’s working, but nobody’s turn ever comes up, so there’s no way to advance. Even trying to Quit doesn’t work. I eventually have to kill the whole app and start it again.

Anyone else having this same issue? Anyone know how to solve the problem?

Very frustrating to get all the way to the end of the game, and then not be able to actually fight the last battle.

Just killed him myself, didn’t encounter the issue. Is it when he clones?
Did get a legendary in his reward pack, hopefully you get the same.
I found him surprisingly easy to beat compared to some of the rounds you need to go through to get to him. Area spells work well to clear his clones.

Good luck, hope the issue gets fixed for you.

Hey there, @Old_Benn, that really sounds infuriating! Although I’m not sure what might be causing this to happen, our support team would very like to investigate this further; reach out to them at, and remember to include your support key in the email to help speed up the process. Any relevant screenshots or video that you might be able to provide would also be appreciated!

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Thanks for the responses. I finally did beat him by simple brute force method of trying over and over and over and over…

Eventually it made it through the fight without crashing.

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